Triple B

White Pizza Sauce, Shaved Brussel Sprouts, Bacon, Burrata Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Parmesan.

Chili con Queso

Beef Picadillo, Queso, Pico De Gallo, Goat Cheese, Corn Pudding, Sour Cream, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and Cilantro. Served with House Tortilla Chips and Roasted Salsa.

Los Cabos

Blackened Chicken, Romaine, Roasted Corn Salsa, Black Beans, Avocado, Pico De Gallo, Pepper Jack Cheese, Tortilla Crisps, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Green Onion and Cilantro. Served with House Made Citrus Cilantro Vinaigrette.

Thai Roast Beef

Tender Roast Beef, Mixture of Red Cabbage, Carrots & Cucumber Tossed with Rice Wine Ginger Dressing, Miso Glaze, Arugula, Peanuts, Pickled Red Onions, Sesame Seeds and Spicy Chili Aioli.

Grilled Italian

Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Mozzarella, Asiago Pepper Aioli, Arugula, Roasted Tomatoes, Italian Dressing and Hot Giadiniera Peppers. Served on Ciabatta Bread.

The Craft of Good Food