How to Order

Phone, Voicemail, Email or Text

First-time users are encouraged to call to become familiar with the ordering process and have the opportunity to ask questions of our Order Team.

Our Call Center is open Monday through Thursday 8am – 6:30pm and Friday 8am – 4:30pm. 

After-hours calls are sent to voicemail for later response (an Order Team member is on-call Saturday 9am – 4pm and Sunday 9am – 6:30pm). 

Ordering Deadlines & Confirmations

Please place weekday orders by 6:30 pm the night before (kindly give 72 hours notice for large orders). Saturday & Sunday orders must be placed no later than the preceding Wednesday.

Please note that we may not be able to accept orders received after the deadline because of a limited number of delivery personnel, but we do our best to fill every request.

If we can accept the order, we will confirm the next business day as early as possible. If you have not received a confirmation by 9 am, we may not have your order (please add our email address to your list of approved senders).

Please review confirmations carefully. All the information on the confirmation is the actual order detail on file, including time of delivery and address. If anything is not 100% correct, please notify us by phone immediately.

Order Minimums

Weekday, 6am-4pm: $99 (subtotal before taxes or any fees)

All other days/times: $200 (subtotal before taxes or any fees) and subject to availability 

Delivery Fees and Tips

Tipping is not expected for delivery drivers, but is appreciated for exceptional service. All delivery orders will incur a delivery fee, which is calculated at 5% of the subtotal plus 60 cents per mile round-trip (minimum delivery fee is $15).

On-Site Staff

On-site catering is available for your special event and requires a minimum notice of 5 days. Staffing is charged at the rate of $20/hour + gratuity (minimum 3 hours per staff member). Please note that this rate applies from “door to door” which includes driving time to and from your event.

Cancellation Policy

Keeping in mind that your food is always made-to-order, please contact us immediately if it becomes necessary for you to cancel an order (by phone if possible, especially for same-day cancellations). An order that has been verified as cancelled prior to the deadline will not subject the customer to any cancellation fees. A customer who cancels an order after its deadline will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the invoice total (minus delivery charges), regardless of the reason for cancelling. Please note that if a canceled order required us to make extraordinary purchases or make special arrangements with outside suppliers, those items will be billed to the customer at our cost plus handling charges, irrespective of the deadline being met. However, we also reserve the right to reduce or eliminate cancellation fees associated with items which can be used in our normal course of business (e.g., beverages).

VariesContractOrder which has a written/signed Catering Agreement (refer to contract for cancellation policy)
2 business daysSpecialCustom menu order and/or order scheduled for non-business day (ie. Saturdays, Sundays, and Caterology-observed holidays)
6:30 pm day before deliveryDailyOrder not defined in any other category

Frequent User Program

    • In order to qualify as a frequent user, an individual must spend a minimum of $500 in a calendar month (includes food & non-alcoholic beverages only).

    • Food & beverage orders received after their respective ordering deadlines will be excluded from spending totals.

    • If a user does not meet the minimum spending requirement for a month, it will not count or carry over to any following month(s). Also, individual users may not request to combine spending totals with another user as an attempt to qualify. 

    • Frequent users may request a rebate equal to 5% of their qualifying purchases, either in the form of an Amazon gift card (in $25 increments) or as credit toward a future purchase. 

    • Rebates must be requested within 12 months of the initial purchase date and are only issued at the direct request of the user.

    • Caterology reserves the right to modify, expand, or discontinue this program at any time, with or without notice to users. 

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